Advanced Value Investing Workshop

       At the suggestion of some former students, I hold periodic advanced value investing workshops, distance trainings, and seminars. They build on my popular introductory course at Stanford University, master's-level course at the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, and book. The advanced value investing workshops held in 2016 and early 2017 sold out quickly.

       We use our proven case-study method to analyze listed securities of then-greatest interest to perennially outperforming value investors. And because they are advanced workshops, we don't shy away from non-equity issues, should those prove to be most promising at the time. These may include bonds, derivatives, and securities from issuers outside of the United States.

       Before the workshops students are sent case-study reading materials. We focus our workshop time on applying the principles of value investing rather than introducing them. However, for the benefit of those newer to the subject, my updated introductory materials are included in the reading materials.

       As thousands of my former students know, teaching this subject is a joy for me. I learn a great deal. Distilling opportunities down to their essence is a magnificent exercise in thinking, one with real benefits for ourselves and for our families. Enrollments are always limited, so please fill in the two boxes below to request an invitation:
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